Saturday, January 26, 2008

Soup's On!

What do you do with those left over veggies? You make soup. That's certainly a better idea than wasting your hard earned money on quality produce that ends up in the garbage. What is in your vegetable bin? I saw a green pepper, white onion and garlic. Not to mention a sweet potato. That is a perfect start. In the freezer were canned crushed tomatoes and GF broth. I picked up a can of Goya beans at the market and fresh carrots. Now I was cooking. I sauteed, I added sofrito, beans, etc... and will soon put some GF fusilli in the pot. I thought about putting left over rice but the noodles sounded better. Add more seasoning to taste. I often grate Parmesan cheese on to the soup just before serving. It does not take long to cook and is perfect on a cold winter night. When you are on the GF diet you cook most meals at home if you want to eat healthy. This soup is very satisfying and freezes well. Enjoy.
I plan to try meatballs soon. I haven't eaten them since diagnosis but I think I am prepared to attempt them with GF bread crumbs and a little of Pamela's mix. Stay posted.

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