Monday, January 14, 2008

GF pasta

I love Tinkyada pasta. I buy the spirals, fusilli, penne, elbows and the lasagna. Tonight I had the spirals with a wonderful sauce cooked for 4 hours with sausage and fresh basil added. I also had leftover chicken cutlets and I made sure to put fresh grated cheese over the pasta. The fusilli will go in homemade soup. I often make shrimp scampi on Monday but I wanted to use up the chicken cutlets leftover from yesterday. My secret ingredient for the scampi is a touch of dry vermouth. Actually, I adapted the recipe from Emeril so I really can't take the credit for that one. I don't use any butter for the scampi, you don't need it, the lemon works like a charm.
When I have a day off I will do the lasagna. Maybe with eggplant or zucchini. The leftovers stay nicely for days. It is such a treat. When the ricotta and mozzarella go on sale I will pick them up. Lucky for me my boyfriend does the 4 hour sauce. We often do a quick marina sauce as well. That takes less than an hour. I watched Chef Lydia squeeze the whole canned tomatoes with her hand on public television so now I do the same but I wear rubber gloves. These are the meals that make you want an espresso afterwards with a slice of ricotta cheesecake.

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