Sunday, April 27, 2008

Getting Lazy

Sunday night dinner. I was thinking about stuffed peppers and I may do them tomorrow. However, tonight I marinated the thin sliced chicken cutlets in the Goya marinade, added pepper and coated them with Pamela's Baking mix when I was ready to cook them. The cutlets were like butter, so tender when cooked in the non stick pan with the extra virgin olive oil. I chopped garlic for the broccoli and opened a can of corn. Quick and easy. Oh, I also made tapioca pudding with raisins, sprinkled it with nutmeg and cinnamon.
As for the stuffed peppers, I will get the rice from the Chinese take out, mix it with the chop meat, onion, garlic and seasonings. Boil the green peppers for 5 minutes. Fill and top with cheese, then bake. I wonder how it would be with red or yellow peppers?

Monday, April 21, 2008

California Roll

So many ethnic foods have great gluten free options. If you are a "good" eater, the gluten free diet is really not a problem and you probably eat healthier than the average person. However, we all get lazy and take out is always an option. Today, I picked up an order of california roll at the sushi restaurant. They know me already and ask, "One order or two?". I have my GF soy sauce at home so I am good to go. I cut up a few slices of extra sharp cheddar cheese to put on the rice crackers and poured a glass of burgundy. This is a quick and easy meal that I enjoy. I can have a piece of dark chocolate afterwards and get some health benefits as well from the chocolate! I have been trying not to eat too late at night in the hopes of getting some elusive quality sleep. Getting older certainly is not easy.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Simple Yet Delicous

I saw a recipe in Cooking Light Magazine for a carrot-onion soup that caught my eye. Quick and easy. It called for yellow onions, I used white onions. I bought Key Food chicken broth which was the only one in the store that had no wheat on the label. It was not reduced sodium but I was not concerned about that. So, 4 cans of broth, 2 one pound bags of carrots (don't peel the carrots, just scrub well with a vegetable brush) and 2 onions later, I was good to go. I added pepper, a little oregano and of course, a little sofrito for extra flavor. You must use the extra virgin olive oil to saute the onions first. I sprinkled some fresh grated cheese on the finished product and Oh! Wow! Couldn't ask for more. I'm going to bring some to work tomorrow to eat with my lunch and I'm going to have some more with my dinner tomorrow. This is a recipe I will make again. It was perfect on a chilly day in April.

What a Bargain!

Three bunches of asparagus for $1.00! Sounds too good to be true. Right? Well, there is a little fruit/veggie stand nearby (in addition to the many others) and it has been there for years. So I knew that the quality would be good. I cleaned them up, cut the stalks and sauteed them with garlic. I do the garlic first because I like it cooked alot. I added salt, pepper and dried oregano and basil (just a touch). Keep stirring for a while and then keep checking for doneness. They were just the right combination of crisp/tender and were a nice accompaniment to the home made pastelle I was fortunate to have cooking. Of course, now I have alot of leftover asparagus. I'm thinking they would go well in an omelet.
Since it is passover season I was able to purchase the GF assorted cookies that are like the bakery cookies that we can not eat. That was a nice finish to my meal.