Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Dinner and more

After having grits with salt, pepper and butter and fried eggs over easy for breakfast, I was off to the eye doctor. It took a while so on the way back I stopped at the original Nathan's in Coney Island. The hot dogs are not GF but the french fries are (skip the processed cheese) and the lemonade is slammin'. I met up with a few friends on the boardwalk and took in some fresh air for a while. Then it was off to the supermarket. I had cheeseburgers on my mind but this rinky-dink store had no chop meat out and I'm not a turkey burger person. So I ended up with thin chicken cutlets which are now marinating in the Goya Mojo marinade and black pepper. I'll use Pamela's mix to lightly flour the cutlets and when I cook them up in a little extra virgin olive oil they will be delicious. I also picked up some broccoli that I will saute with garlic in the extra virgin olive oil of course. I do most everything on top of the stove. It is quick and easy. Since I'm feeling lazy I'll just open a can of corn. I love corn in any shape or form. They actually sell corn on the cob on the beach in the summer in Coney Island rolled in mayo and paprika and believe it or not it is good. Another lady comes by on the beach with little corn tacos. They are predicting a snow storm and I'm reminiscing about the good old summer time!

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