Saturday, January 12, 2008

GF on the run

After running errands and getting a manicure, my stomach really was grumbling. So I headed to McDonald's with my son who is not on the GF diet. He had a number 7 which looked good. However, I went with the grilled chicken salad-no croutons of course. I did order small fries and they were not bad with my diet coke. Then it was off to Met Fresh to pick up dinner. I got a nice piece of fresh salmon which is now seasoned with pepper and lemon. Baby spinach will be sauteed with garlic in extra virgin olive oil. I use extra virgin for everything except baking. I use canola oil for baking.
Of course, it was now cocktail hour. I cut up some white cheddar cheese with chipotle in it and put it on Kame sesame rice crackers. They go with everything. I poured myself a glass of burgundy and what more could you ask for? This gluten free lifestyle certainly has not cramped my style.

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