Saturday, January 12, 2008


I think I have eaten more pancakes since my diagnosis of celiac disease than I did pre diagnosis. I have to thank Pamela for that. I don't know her personally. However, her GF pancake and baking mix is the bomb. Today I made pancakes with chocolate chips and chopped walnuts for breakfast. I use reduced calorie syrup to cut down on the calories. Ha! It is all about portion control of course. I only eat one but it is a nice sized one at that. Actually, I make so many things with her mix that it is my number one favorite GF food. I also make pancakes with chopped canned pears and melted chocolate. Those don't require syrup.
For a change, I also make ricotta pancakes. I'm pretty sure I got the recipe from Cooking Light magazine and adapted it. Pamela's mix has baking powder in it already. These pancakes are more work to make but WOW they are so light and delicious. I've also made pancakes with berries and I like to use the frozen ones as well because the syrup is so good. Of course, pancakes are a weekend treat, usually Saturdays. I'm thinking about grits and eggs for tomorrow.

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Joanne said...


You have some good ideas (I like the chocolate chips in the pancakes). I do not have celiac disease, but a family member does, and I have had Pamels's pancakes. They are really good. Gluten free food can be as tasty as any other food.