Friday, January 25, 2008

Spanish Style

Pork chops, rice and beans. Now there is a GF meal that is satisfying. I marinate the chops in Goya Mojo marinade for beef, chicken and pork and I also season the chops with pepper. Of course, I cook the chops on top of the stove in a little extra virgin olive oil. The white rice comes from the Chinese take out. They do it perfect every time. I am not a big fan of brown rice, I'll pass on that. I always use Goya beans. Now here is the tricky part. You heat some of the extra virgin olive oil in the pot and then you add the sofrito. I don't care for the store bought ones and the authentic version is a lot of work. So hopefully you have an Hispanic friend who makes their own sofrito all the time and they will give you some, sell you some, whatever it takes. It is a wonderful blend of peppers and cilantro with many other delicious ingredients. You can also put green Spanish olives stuffed with minced pimientos (from Goya) in the beans. I cut them in half. You can use the sofrito when you make soup. Many Hispanics say that they cannot cook without it, and I know exactly what they mean. A good quality hot sauce sprinkled on this meal is the finishing touch. A just-right avocado would be the icing on the cake. Who needs dessert?

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