Sunday, April 6, 2008

What a Bargain!

Three bunches of asparagus for $1.00! Sounds too good to be true. Right? Well, there is a little fruit/veggie stand nearby (in addition to the many others) and it has been there for years. So I knew that the quality would be good. I cleaned them up, cut the stalks and sauteed them with garlic. I do the garlic first because I like it cooked alot. I added salt, pepper and dried oregano and basil (just a touch). Keep stirring for a while and then keep checking for doneness. They were just the right combination of crisp/tender and were a nice accompaniment to the home made pastelle I was fortunate to have cooking. Of course, now I have alot of leftover asparagus. I'm thinking they would go well in an omelet.
Since it is passover season I was able to purchase the GF assorted cookies that are like the bakery cookies that we can not eat. That was a nice finish to my meal.

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