Monday, May 25, 2009

Mexican Flan

Since I am a big fan of Mexican food, I was sure I would like this flan. I got the recipe from Wheat-Free Recipes & Menus book by Carol Fenster. It said it is an almost foolproof version to make in the microwave. Well, I made it and it was good but I am still laughing because I did so many things wrong and it was still good. I did not have a 2-cup glass measuring cup, so I had to nuke the sugar and water in 2 batches. I did not have large eggs, so I used extra large and jumbo. I think I burned the sugar a little for the first batch. I ended up with a lot of extra mixture so I filled the ramekins all the way and they over flowed in the microwave. Maybe custard cups are bigger. I also was not sure what power level was medium. Anyway, I ate one while it was still warm. Oh, and I added nutmeg (good move on my part). I took a What Celebrity Chef Are You quiz on FaceBook and I am Rachel Ray so my strength is cooking with extra virgin olive oil and garlic, not baking.

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