Sunday, May 10, 2009

Betty Crocker

Just as I thought, when I went to the Met Food supermarket on my corner, they did not have the GF Betty Crocker mixes. It is a small store, so I expected as much. Next, I'll check my local Key Food but I'm not too hopeful there either. I'll have to go to Stop and Shop or Shop Rite.
I was going to make pancakes with canned sliced pears and melted chocolate this morning but it turns out I had used all the chips for cookies. So I improvised. Since I had already opened the can of pears and just put the pears and a little syrup. It was fine, in fact I find the chocolate a little to sweet lately for my taste buds.
I have been eating Activia yogurt for lunch at work and it is very good. I really do think that it helps my stomach.

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