Sunday, February 3, 2008


Well, I finally made the meatballs. they were not bad, they were not great. They tasted a little too much like chop meat. I guess if I was grading them I would say B plus or a C. After all, C is passing. I think they were a tad dry. I did leave them in the oven when they were done, I probably should have taken them out but I wanted to keep them warm while the pasta was boiling. As they say, timing is everything in life! I also think that the GF breadcrumbs are definately not as good as Progresso. I don't buy GF breads so I could not use fresh bread crumbs (or day old) as is often recommend. Maybe I'll try a meatloaf next time. I'll have to try to do a gravy. Another thing I'm not really good at. Well, I do have left-overs for lunch. That is a good thing.
This morning I made fresh blueberry and walnut pancakes. Now they were very good. I may make one for breakfast tomorrow if I have time. The large container of berries was only $2.99.
They are not super sweet but in the pancake with butter and syrup, look out!

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