Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stomach Woes

As usual, I have good days and bad days with my stomach. However, this past week was not fun. I notice that if I over eat I feel really, really bad. Also butter bothers me, soy seems to bother me now too and I can not drink much coffee. Alcohol is just about out of the picture too. I suppose it is a combination of my sensitive stomach and being 57 but some people seem to be able to eat like horses and drink like a fish with no problems.
While I'm complaining, I might as well also say that not being exposed to computers until middle age also seems to put one at a disadvantage. My skills do not seem up to par when I go on blogs and see what others are able to do. I still have to learn how to make a tiny photo for Gluten Free Living. It is almost like having a second job to learn new things.

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Lynn Barry said...

I hear list of things that bother me when I ingest them has grown so long I at least don't have to worry about what to order is so limited it takes me a short time to figure it out...hope you get it all figured out soon. HUGS